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Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Market Report
Renewable energy (solar, wind and hydrogen) development business, energy engineering technical services, power station maintenance and operation services
Modifier, Epoxy resin system, Prepreg
Free Trade Port business, vehicle logistics, port logistics, auto's stevedoring, warehousing, retrofitting, and car parts logistics… etc.
Mobility solution and parts in fuel cell SOFC stationary solid-oxide fuel cell Electrolysis stack
stainless steel slabs, billets and flat products
Catalytic nanomaterials, membrane electrode assembly(MEA), electrolysis equipment
Perfion™ Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)/Anion Exchange Membrane, Microelectronic Membrane, Liquid/Gas Filtration Membrane, Functional Textile Membrane, BioChem Membrane (CBRN).
1.Global transport:A. multimodal transport covering sea/land/air/inland waterways/door-to-door B. bulky/heavy and project carriage C. warehouse, customs clearance and inland (rail and road) transport D. conveyance of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals (including solid, liquid and gaseity) E. ship chartering 2.GDP warehousing and management 3.Coatings
We represent a range of products from the Japanese hydrogen industry, including pressure sensors, pressure gauges, pressure switches, testing equipment, metal piping, fuel cell generators, hydrogen refueling station equipment…etc.