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Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Market Report
PEMFC Membrane Electrode Assemblies, PEMFC Stack, PEMFC power system, PEMFC Powered UAV System, AEMEL Electrolyzer System
1. Fuel cell system testing laboratory that complies with TAF and UL dual certification systems. 2. Transferable technology: Palladium membrane for hydrogen purification module, PEMFC metal bipolar plate stack, Smart manufacturing of the PEMFC stack, PEMFC and SOFC circulating fuel supply module, 25 kW high efficiency PEMFC and SOFC CHP system, SOFC hot box key components and modularization, Dynamic analysis and design of SOFC system, High pressure hydrogen dispensing system etc. 3. Assist domestic companies to apply for the "Financial Subsidy from Ministry of Economic Affairs for Stationary Fuel Cell Power Generation System".
PV solar power installation, operation & maintenance, electricity retailing, data management & forecasting services, integrated smart energy project, tailored renewable energy services aiming to help individuals, businesses and industrial parks achieve zero-emission roadmap.
H2 detector, H2 analyzer, DTS
Green electricity sales
Instrument tube fittings, pipe fittings, ball valves, needle valves, check valves, valve manifolds, quick couplings, hoses, stainless steel tubes, medium and high pressure fittings, valves
Hydrogen drying and hydrogen purification systems, space micro-pollution control (TVOCs, SOx, NOx, Acid...ect), humidity control/drying systems, gas purification/separation/concentration systems, CO2 capture and purification treatment systems, VOCs adsorption/concentration treatment systems
AI intelligent control system of efficiently converting syngas, including tail gas from blast furnaces, basic oxidation furnaces (converters), etc. into hydrogen and separate carbon dioxide for reuse or storage.
Legal policy research and analysis