Taiwan Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Partnership

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The idea for Taiwan Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Partnership was formed on the 6th July, 2001. The Partnership continues the mission of the Executive Yuan's Fuel Cell Research and Development Society, to promote and develop the Taiwan's fuel cell industry. In July, 2002 the Partnership was officially established with the support of the Executive Yuan (EY) Environmental Protection Administration and the Ministry of Economics Affairs (MOEA) Bureau of Energy. The Partnership which the name was changed to "Taiwan Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Partnership" in July 2011 combines the industry, the government, the academics and research societies to promote and develop both the hydrogen and fuel cell technology and industry in Taiwan.


1. To develop the knowledge and application of hydrogen and fuel cell amongst the society.

2. To promote hydrogen and fuel cell research and development, as well as business opportunities in Taiwan.

3. To establish a good foundation and environment for the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technology in Taiwan.

4. To promote the diversification of hydrogen and fuel cell technology and industry as well as the development of efficient work process in the business.

5. Continue to promote the importance of hydrogen and fuel cell technology and industry within all industries in Taiwan.


Achievements and Future Goals

1.Under the support of relevant government departments and industries, Taiwan Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Partnership has established a "Taiwan Fuel Cell Information Website" (https://www.tfci.org.tw), sending relevant reports via email, organizing many hydrogen and fuel cell discussions and conferences to promote industrial research and development exchange.

2.THFCP also invites many experts and academics to discuss and give advice to the government in relation to the future policies and directions of Taiwan hydrogen and fuel cell industry.

3.THFCP has recently started to focus on the education of hydrogen and fuel cell knowledge to primary and secondary schools, in hopes of broadening the knowledge to the society in the future.

4.Besides developing and promoting the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, THFCP hopes to enter the international market and encourage world exchanges, thereby bringing a new life to the hydrogen and fuel cell industry in Taiwan.