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CEO Meg Lin; Project Manager Liang-Wei Chen; Administrative coordinator Chia-Huei Chiang

Tel: 02-2586-5000 ext. 865,859
Fax: 02-2594-6845
Address: No. 16-8, Dehui St, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 104230
MRT: You can take Luzhou Line, get off at "Zhongshan Elementary School Station", and walk from Exit 1 to the institute for about 8 minutes.
Or you can take the Tamsui Line, get off at "Minquan West Road Station" or "Yuanshan Station", and walk from Exit 9 of "Minquan West Road Station" or Exit 1 of "Yuanshan Station" for about 15 minutes to reach the institute.
BUS: You can take bus 218, 220, 247, 260, Zhongshan Main Line or Neihu Main Line from "Taipei Main Station", get off at "Datong University" on Zhongshan North Road, and walk along Dehui Street for about 5 minutes to reach the institute.
Datong University Station (218, 220, 247, Zhongshan Main Line, Neihu Main Line...etc.)
Gyeongbokgung Station (208, 246, Red 33...etc.)
PARKING: 1. Dehui Parking (No.7, Dehui Street)
2. Shuangcheng Parking (No. 5, Lane 18, Shuangcheng Street)
3. Do Do Home Parking (No.19, Nong'an Street)