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UK and Taiwan sign MoU to enhance hydrogen and fuel cell technology cooperation

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — More than 100 U.K. and Taiwanese hydrogen and fuel cell businesses attended the first U.K.-Taiwan Hydrogen Forum on Thursday (Oct.21), which was co-held virtually by the British Office in Taipei and the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research.

British Office Taipei Representative John Dennis noted Taiwan’s importance in global hydrogen supply chains, adding the nation’s domestic fuel cell industry is “increasingly strong and innovative." He said cooperation between the two nations in low carbon energy development, like offshore wind, is growing fast.

At the event, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Taiwan Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Partnership and Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. The two entities are committed to improving engagement, education, and supporting skill development in the future.

U.K. Trade Envoy to Taiwan Lord Faulkner and You Cheng-Wei (游振偉), Director General of the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs also attended the virtual signing ceremony.

Low carbon hydrogen technologies are critical to achieving net-zero, Lord Faulkner said. He said cooperation with Taiwan can help “mitigate early-stage development risks and create larger share market” for the emerging technologies.

Taiwan's authorities claim the country will reach net-zero carbon emission by 2050. The U.K. government announced in August it would meet its ambitious goal of producing 5 GW of low carbon hydrogen by 2030.